EMEM is a DeFi protocol that will unite the crypto community and make the Web3 world a better place.
EMEM is a DeFi protocol. We are building a decentralized affiliate program configurator (DAPC), smart Airdrops. Staking $EME tokens to earn Rank with tokens $EME reward.
DAPC will allow you to embed a library in a smart contract so that you can include an affiliate program. DAPCs will have different referrer and referral depth settings, customizable percentage rewards.
DAPC is needed in order not to pay cunning promoters up front. Promoters will be able to promote the project and receive interest from sales of NFTs, tokens, goods, etc. for this. This way you will be able to collaborate with your promoters without prepayment. If they have the opportunity to make sales, then this option of cooperation should be interesting for them. If your promoter does not want to take part in the affiliate program and asks you to pay for his services in advance, then think about it. Perhaps this is a scammer. According to our analysis, there are a huge number of such promoters with inflated groups on social media - over 95%. Be careful.
Smart Airdrops will allow you to create Airdrops with different configurations. We will tell you about them later. Subscribe to us in the telegram channel and twitter. Get the latest announcements so you don't miss something interesting and useful. Join the EMEM community.
Last modified 8mo ago